Seven Flower Extract

Seven Flower Extract, sometimes known as sevent flower extract, is an extraordinary proprietary blend of traditional Chinese herbs used to help lower blood pressure naturally. Seven flower extract has been shown to be very beneficial in naturally controlling mild to moderate blood pressure. It helps reduce blood pressure to normal levels, it has a tranquilizing effect and is used as a natural sleep aid for trouble sleeping. Seven Flowers helps reduce stress and is one of the great natural remedies for anxiety.

7 flowers is fast acting, safe, and effective, all of these benefits with none of the side effects of prescription drugs.

For controlling blood pressure, herbs 7 flowers is the best natural choice.

7 Flower Ingredients
Chrysanthemum Flower
Honeysuckle Flower
Sophora Japonica Flower
Brunella Flower
Water Fairy Flower
Black Moss Flower
Nodo Ginseng Flower

How Seven Flowers works
This all natural, Chinese herbs Seven Flower Extract is a dietary supplement that helps to lower blood pressure naturally, provide a safe and natural sleep aid, and is known as one of the best natural remedies for anxiety. It works by normalizing your blood pressure without harsh effects on your body and reduces stress on your heart. Sevent flower relaxes your nervous system, helping to promote natural healthy sleep patterns and calmness to reduce feelings of anxiety.

Directions / Suggested Dosage of Seven Flowers
How much Seven Flower Extract should I take?
Your Diastolic blood pressure reading is the bottom number of your blood pressure.

If your Diastolic blood pressure reading is greater than 90:
Take 1 Seven Flower tablet in the Morning and 2 tablets at bedtime

If your Diastolic blood pressure reading greater than 100:
Take 3 Seven Flower tablets in morning and 3 at bedtime.

Sevent Flower extract may be taken 3 times a day.
By monitoring your blood pressure you may find a combination of 2 seven flower tablets in the morning and 3 tablets at bedtime to work best for you. Monitor your blood pressure in the morning and at bedtime to determine what dosage is best for you.
Just make sure you Do Not exceed more than 12 tablets in a 24 hour period.

Seven Flowers can be taken with prescription medications, but you should always let your health care provider know about all of the supplements you are taking.

The expected desired side effects of Seven Flower extract are feelings of relaxation. This combination of Chinese seven flower extract has been taken for 1000’s of years with no negative side effects. It is important to keep the daytime dose low enough to prevent causing drowsiness or tiredness while attaining a desirable blood pressure level. This desirable side effect of Seven Flowers is wonderful for inducing a calming effect and restful sleep.

For thousands of years, Seven Flower Extract was a secret Chinese formula of rare oriental flower extracts which trigger mechanisms that mobilize your body’s own biochemical make up. It remains extremely difficult to find.

If you are looking for a way to lower blood pressure naturally, a natural sleep aid or natural remedies for anxiety, consider Seven Flower Extract.

Seven Flowers comes in a very small bottle with 100 tiny tablets.

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