Acai Fruit Drink

If you’re looking for a tasty way to get healthier, then acai fruit drink may be just the solution for your hectic schedule. It’s so much better for you than drinking sugary pops, coffee or so-called energy drinks. After all, acai is like a multi-vitamin packed with antioxidants. That alone will boost your energy level and make you feel so much more alert.

If you don’t know what antioxidants are – they are quite simply the way to battle the ravages of oxidation that naturally occurs in your body as you age.  Antioxidants are great for so many systems in your body – from the immune system and circulatory system to even skin growth. It’s a way to nourish your mind and body from one bottle. 

While you can enjoy acai tea or get a daily acai supplement, research seems to indicate that acai fruit drink is the easiest way to reap the benefits from acai berries. Your body more readily processes all those good amino acids, Vitamins and minerals from the liquid form. Just one word of caution – try to find pure products. Juice to which fillers or sugar has been added dramatically decreases the effects you see from acai otherwise. Fillers may also produce rather nasty flu-like symptoms because of the berries natural tendency to cleanse your system. 

Most people don’t get suitable levels of all the nutrients they need to be healthy and live fuller lives. Because a good quality acai drink can be taken with you “on the go” you can keep some handy for whenever you find your energy levels dropping. You also don’t have to consume a ton of it. Most consumers find that about two ounces daily (or less) does just fine depending on their body size and frame.  Start your day with an acai smoothie then have some more mid-afternoon as a pick me up.

If you decide to mix the acai with other ingredients keep them as natural and organic as possible. Using fresh juice, plain yogurt and other fruits is one perfect example. Blueberries in particular match the flavor of acai nicely, and they’ve got a lot of antioxidant power too. Strawberries or goji berries are other alternatives.

The results achieved from acai fruit drink vary from person to person. If you’re already minding the foods you eat and getting regular exercise along with healthy amounts of sleep, acai becomes a new partner in wellness that speeds your success ratio. Acai can’t work miracles on its own. Even though you’re body will get a substantive boost from the fruit, anything else you can do only improves the outcome. 

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