Acai Berry Benefits & How Its Affects Your Health

If you’re concerned with your health and research a lot of the newest trends in wellness, then you may be wanting some acai berry information. This little berry grows in Brazil on a palm tree. This particular tree also produces hearts of palm – but it’s the berry that’s getting a lot of attention.

Blackish-purple in color, acai looks like a small grape, complete with a seed in the middle The fruit for each berry constitutes only 20% of the whole fruit, meaning it takes a lot of berries to make juice, pulp or other products. The trees fruit twice annually. Brazilians enjoy the berry with granola or as a flavoring in various foods ranging from desserts to liqueur.

So what’s all the buzz about? The acai berry information gathered to date indicates that it is packed with a lot of things that are simply “good for you”. It has protein, fiber, Vitamin A and C, calcium, iron, polyphenols, and amino acids just to name a few. It’s also blissfully low in sugar for people watching their waistlines or those with diabetes. As a result a variety of companies have begun using pulp, juice and powdered acai for a wide variety of health products. It also has become part of the cosmetic industry as a ingredient that nourishes both skin and hair.

It was toward the beginning of the year 2000 when acai really started making a splash in the industry. When you have Oprah taking about berries – it’s not surprising that consumers paid attention. The key to marketing the acai berry is (and was) it’s antioxidant levels. Antioxidants fight the negative side effects of aging – and acai has the highest antioxidant level known on the market today. With people wanting to look and feel younger, it didn’t take long for acai converts to appear on radio, tv and the internet sharing their experiences.

As you might guess with all this excitement some problems arose. Some people experienced negative side effects from acai products (often due to fillers) that basically mimicked the flu. Other people had trouble with recurring credit card bills after ordering a trial size acai product.  Beyond this, large clinical studies on acai benefits have been limited and sometimes skewed.

That is not to say it’s a bad berry. Acai berry information definitely indicates that it’s actually a great nutritional supplement particularly in juice form. If you add acai into a good diet and exercise plan, it supports your overall immune system and improves energy. The key is starting out moderately. See how your body responds to acai and then slowly increase what you consume up to the level of the manufacturer’s suggestions. If you have any concerns, please contact a primary physician to see if acai is counter-indicated for you.

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