Acai Green Tea

In the world of superfood Acai Green Tea stands out as a super star. While it certainly isn’t a panacea or the figurative fountain of youth, combining the benefits of green tea with acai seems natural – they’re both powerhouses of antioxidants that support bringing your metabolism and immune system back into prime functioning order.

Let’s start with a look at green tea. Green tea’s healthful attributes have been studied at some length.  By drinking it regularly a person deters their risk of heart conditions and cancer. Those dieting can improve their fat-burning. Green tea is also good for your teeth, joints, and even in external beauty preparations for treating your skin and hair!

Acai berry, which looks very similar to a dark blue berry, has some very similar characteristics. It supports heart health, provides fiber, decreases bad cholesterol, supports healthy bones and teeth, and improves mental agility. The antioxidant level in acai is even higher than green tea, so again – this food marriage seems made in heaven.

One of the biggest reasons to consume acai green tea is to keep your body flushed of toxins. Every day you come into contact with dirt, pollution, germs… any number of things that have the potential to undermine health and well-being.  As the tea cleanses out these unwanted contaminants it replaces them with Vitamin A, B, C, E, calcium, iron, amino acids and essential fatty acids while also giving you a noticeable energy boost!

Now a lot of websites will tell you all of this information and leave out a very important part of the equation – namely your lifestyle. The more you do personally to improve your health, the greater benefit you’ll get from acai products.  Neither acai or green tea alone can take away the results of years of over-eating or sun worship, for example. However, if you start on sound eating regiments, an exercise program and start treating your skin with nourishing antioxidant creams that also provide sunblock – you’re well on your way to a new you.

The beauty of acai green tea is that its very easy to integrate into your day. Just grab some bags and go, or pre-make some for ice tea that you sip on throughout the day. Don’t let your busy lifestyle keep you from giving your body on-going support. Acai products are one way of doing just that.

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