Acai Berry Plant

The acai berry plant is a type of palm that grows in South American Rainforest regions, particularly Brasil. It’s getting a lot of attention from people around the world because it’s being dubbed a powerful super-food useful for everything from fighting age-related disorders to beauty care. What makes acai so special are the high amounts of antioxidants bundled into the fruit, along with copious amounts of vitamins, fiber and amino acids just to  name a few. This blend of nutrients makes a potent ally for living longer and healthier.

However, not all acai berry plant products are created equal. A wise consumer knows that once something gets a strong head of publicity there are going to be companies looking just to make a quick buck off of buyers searching for the Fountain of Youth. This has lead to some consumers doing far more diligent research on potential products than normal, while other people have begun to wonder if they can grow acai at home.

Being that you can control what you put in the soil of home grown fruits, there’s something to be said for the idea of having and harvesting your own acai berries. There are, however, some considerations about which to be aware. 

First off, the acai palm is a tropical plant. They adore heat and moisture. So you’re not going to be able to cultivate them outside in a four season environment, or any area where it gets overly cold or dry. If you’re willing to provide a protected indoor environment that you can control – that would be best.

Second, acai grows best in rich soil that’s moist but not soggy. You’ll need a large pot suitable for a tree that grows to 6 feet tall or more, a broad spectrum fertilizer and a way to keep the palm sufficiently watered. Generally dwarf varieties are best for indoor attempts.

Once you start growing your acai palm, it will be about 3 years before you see berries.  Young plants don’t cost as much as mature ones, but you’ll need to be patient.  Once you actually get a harvest of berries their benefits deteriorate only one day off the tree! That means you have to be ready to process whatever harvest you get on the same day by either making juices or freezing the pulp for use later.

As is most often the case – fresher is better with acai berry plants. Our bodies seem to integrate the attributes of the berry best in juice form, however – whether you grow your own, or buy a good organic product.

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