Acai Berry Antioxidant 

Acai Berry Antioxidants

Acai Berries come from the Brazilian rain forest.  While they look very unassuming, this palm berry has been getting press suited to a red carpet celebrity. Why? Because acai berry antioxidants are said to be the most potent available in the market right now. But what exactly does that mean to you the consumer?

Let’s back track for a minute. As a person ages the tissues in our bodies oxidize. An antioxidant does what the title implies – it fights that physiological progression by attacking unstable free radicals. These free radicals (no relation to those from the 1960s) would otherwise remain unstable and turn to various cells for the electrons they crave. This leaves the cell damaged very much the same way that untreated iron eventually rusts and crumbles.  

When you introduce acai berry antioxidants into this equation suddenly you have a powerful ally for a healthier, longer and more energetic life. Studies done on acai show that its easily absorbed into the body as juice or pulp. The berries have a low natural sugar level making them even more appealing. This is part of the reason that you see so many products with Acai in their names alongside other key buzz words like “healthy”, “organic”, “weight loss”, and “metabolism”. 

At first glance you could almost mistake an acai for a blueberry (which also has good levels of antioxidants). Unlike a blueberry, however, acai have seeds that are not edible.  So the berry skin and pulp require processing and sorting before being used in commercial products. Additionally, not all products touting the berry’s power have a lot of acai in them. Many add a variety of fillers that detract from the overall benefits acai can provide. In fact, many people who support using acai as a supplement highly recommend using a pure product as opposed to one with various additives. 

That means you the consumer should beware. Read your product labels carefully. Where exactly in the list of ingredients does acai rate. The closer to the beginning of the list – the better. Don’t forget to read other buyer’s reviews too – people want quality for their money particularly in harsh economic environments. Many buyers are speaking out about good and bad experiences very openly, which should help you find trusted products offering acai berry antioxidants far more successfully.

Because of the cleansing attributes of acai, you may want to start out slow with a lower than recommended amount to see how your body responds. Never exceed manufacturer’s suggested limits as that can lead to nasty side effects that feel like a bad flu. Like any addition to your lifestyle, acai doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You’ll reap even more benefits when you combine the berry with regular exercise, plenty of rest and smart dietary choices.

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