Acai Berry Weight Loss

YIf you follow health and wellness news, then you know there’s  a lot of industry buzz about the potential of acai berry weight loss. When you see headline after headline about acai being one of the most potent superfoods to storm the marketplace, it’s completely understandable to be a bit skeptical. 

First let’s consider the known attributes of acai berries. There’s no question that these offer a powerhouse of anti-oxidants. This makes acai an effective supplement for the effects of aging. It also makes an excellent support unit for your immune system, deterring the risk of cancer and heart disease. That alone gives acai berry a lot of potential for people wanting to live longer, healthier, more energetic lives.

But what about acai berry weight loss results? The jury is split on that. Most physicians will tell you that how a person loses weight is a multi-faceted equation, only part of which is nutrition. A person still needs to exercise, drink plenty of water, and get enough rest in order to promote a healthy metabolism.

Now, acai berry does help your metabolism since it offers fiber that deters food cravings. It can also help cleanse your system of toxins that contribute to weight gain. The most important thing is that you find an acai product that’s as pure as possible. Keep it simple – read your potential product labels, and find out how much acai to integrate into your diet to see the best results based on your lifestyle. A nutritionist or your physician can offer some guidance.

If you’re planning on using acai berry as part of a diet and lifestyle change, remember to continue eating healthy throughout the day. Don’t skip breakfast as that kick starts your system, and find ways to get on your feet. The mantra of “move more; eat right” is one that can lead to acai berry weight loss. 

This will not be a fast transition. Keep your weight loss goals reasonable. No one becomes overweight overnight – and you won’t get back to that size X quickly. Slow and steady wins the race with weight loss – you want to take it off and be able to KEEP it off. A one to two pound loss a week is healthy. Note that it’s normal to have slightly higher weight loss initially because water weight goes first. After that your body will begin to level out to a relatively consistent level. Hang in there!

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