Acai Side Effects

After hearing all the flash and fanfare announcing acai berry as the new superfood, some people wonder – is there a down side? What are the potential acai side effects? For the most part, an organic product featuring acai without any fillers or other additives is going to be safe for the vast majority of consumers. About the only issue is that some may find they have a food allergy. Unfortunately not all manufacturers of acai supplements are using the berry by itself. They combine it with other things that may well cause issues.

Some of the most common problems reported by users of acai products are headaches, cramps and flu like symptoms without a fever.  This is the main reasons why its very important to research potential products before you buy and use them. The best acai products won’t have 101 other ingredients.

Some of the most common additives in acai products are sugar and caffeine. If you see ingredients like corn syrup or fructose, stay clear of that product. It may taste great but it also has more calories! For people trying to lose weight,  such a product may undermine your efforts considerably. 

Even the simplest acai product can sometimes affect your body in slightly uncomfortable ways. Acai is high in vitamin C. So if you consume enough of it, one of the acai side effects may be diarrhea. In part, this happens because your body is trying to purge toxins, one of the attributes that acai naturally offers. If your problem continues for more than a few hours, discontinue taking acai. You can reintroduce it into your diet in lower amounts after you’ve recovered and consulted a physician to insure it’s wholly safe for your body based on any medical conditions. Truthfully, it never hurts to call your physician before starting a new nutritional supplement anyway. This is doubly true for people with chronic physical illnesses.

If you have a natural allergy to pollen you may find that the acai berries cause very similar conditions. You may sneeze, your eyes water, or your skin might develop a rash. If this happens, discontinuing the supplement is warranted. People showing allergic reactions to acai should avoid it for obvious reasons. The whole idea of taking supplements is improving life – not making yourself sick.

Research done thus far on acai side effects indicates a strong safety margin. However, start out slow and see how your body responds. Don’t exceed the manufacturer’s recommended dosage of acai, or that may spur some unwanted side effects no matter how good or trusted the product.

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